February 01, 2018


I do not read to relax, I read to learn. To learn things that can make my life or the lives of those I deal with better. I do not read made up stuff, all of my books are real life and when I finish them I ask myself what I think I have learnt from them.

Here I am sharing with you the books I read and listen to. I hope you find some use in them.

(As a side note, I hated reading at school, I got far more enjoyment out of throwing erasers at my class mates to try and get them in trouble when we were supposed to be reading. One hack here was subscribing to Audible on the US and UK platform I now get 1 book from each a month and am committed to finishing it, that’s 24 books a year! My teachers would be so proud!)

  1. Chasing Excellence- Ben Bergeron
  2. Make your bed – Admiral William McRaven
  3. Kiss or Kill: Mark Twight – (This is a re read)
  4. This is going to Hurt – Adam Kay
  5. Ego is the enemy – Ryan Holiday
  6. Grit: Angela Duckworth
  1. Recovery: Russell Brand
  2. Living with a seal.
  3. The Hungry Brain: Stephen Guyenet
  4. The coaching Habit: Michael Bungay Stainer
  5. The ultra mindset: Travis Macy
  6. The daily Stoic: Ryan Holiday
  7. Finding my Virginity: Richard Branson
  8. What doesn’t kill us: Scott Carney
  9. But seriously: Jon McEnroe
  10. Unshakeable: Tony Robbins
  11. The power of Broke: Daymond John
  12. The Rise of Superman: Steven Kotler
  13. Primal Endurance: Mark Sisson
  14. The power of now: Eckhart Tolle
  15. Finding Ultra: Rich Roll
  16. Elon Musk
  17. Extreme Ownership: Jocko Wilkin
  18. Gut: Giulia Enders
  19. Start with Why: Simon Sinek
  20. Fear: Ranulph Fiennes
  21. Rowing the Atlantic: Roz Savage
  22. Zero to One: Peter Thiel
  23. When Breath Becomes Air
  24. Shoe dog: Phil Knight
  25. Legacy: James Kerr
  26. The subtle Art of not giving a fuck: Mark Manson
  27. Finiding Flow: Mihaly
  28. The Art of Possibility: Benjamin Zander
  29. Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape: Paul Howard
  30. The Salt fix: Dr James Dinicolantonio
  31. Three weeks Eight seconds: Nige Tassell
  32. Relentless: From good to great. Tim Gover
  33. What I talk about when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami
  34. Fuck it: The ultimate spiritual way. John Parkin
  35. The climb: Chris Froome
  36. The champions mindset: Jim Aftermow
  37. How bad do you want it: Matt Fitzgerald
  38. Tools of titans: Tom Ferriss
  39. The pressure Principle: Dave Alred
Pre 2017
  1. Crush it: Gary Vee
  2. Total Recall: Arnie
  3. The crossing: James Cracknell
  4. Wheelman: Vanessa O’Connell
  5. Hell on two wheels: Amy Snyder
  6. The Secret Race: Tyler Hamilton
  7. Thinking fast and slow
  8. Mindset: Carol Dweck
  9. The racer: David Millar
  10. Clean Gut: Alejandro Junger
  11. The Life: Michael Jordan
  12. The big Fat surprise: Win Teicholz
  13. Grain Brain: Kristin Loberg
  14. Born to run. Chris Mc Dougal
  15. The leader who had no title
  16. A life without limits
  17. Steve jobs
  18. Wheat Belly
  19. I’m here to win. Chris Mc Cormack
  20. My time. Bradley Wiggins
  21. Inspired: Steve Redgrave
  22. Kiss or Kill: Mark Twight
  23. Touching Distance: James Cracknell
  24. Never let go: Dan John
  25. Beyond the Horizon: Richard Parks
  26. Spartan up: Joe De Sena
  27. Virtual Freedom: Chirs Ducker
  28. Greatness: Don Yager
  29. First: Rich Froning
  30. Commando Steve: Steve Willis
  31. Survival of the Fittest: Mike Stroud
  32. Live life Aggressively: Mike Mahler
  33. The big book of team building games
  34. Power Speed Endurance: Brian MacKenzie
  35. Disease Proof: David Katz
  36. The four hour work week
  37. The four hour body
  38. The four hour chef
  39. The paleo diet for athletes: Loren Cordain
  40. Strong Enough: Mark Rippetoe
  41. The portable Dre Everett
  42. Mass Made Simple: Dan John
  43. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know: Ranulph Fiennes
  44. Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold
  45. Beyond Performance: Scott Keller
  46. Busy: Tony Crabbe
  47. The marathon Des Sables: Mark Hines
  48. Cold: Ranulph Fiennes

For all my other books I invite you to come and have a look at my book shelf. Or maybe I will create a post on them at some stage. Let’s see.


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