August 14, 2022


“A hobby is an activity, interest, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own leisure time.”


Growing up this was a word that was thrown around often, almost like a challenge or a check to ensure that we were following pursuits that were adding value to our lives in some way shape or form.


Going to the gym was once classed as a hobby, perhaps now it is classed as an essential ingredient to sustain and enjoyable life… which many will disagree with.


Watching You Tube or gaming are perhaps hobbies of millions these days. Some will say they are relaxed by them, others will prove otherwise.


Of course times and perceptions change as do the tools we use to get results. The key is to revert back to the definition of a hobby, think about the outcome of indulging in such pursuits and then check if the hobbies you follow are providing for you, or check if you do actually have any hobbies at all.


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