April 03, 2022


What will you leave behind?

A selfish drive for recognition or a passive result of a purpose driven life?

Many spend their entire life trying to create something that will last and have them remembered, for who, for what, for how long, for why, you will be 6 feet under, dust, irrelevant!

Others know who they are and go about their lives pursuing their vision, their true purpose, creating happiness for themselves, for those around them of which the by product is a legacy that may pass to one generation, maybe two.

Our time is finite as are our memories. Will the great inventors and sports personalities of our time be known 50 or 100 years from now or will people talk about the “machines” that are creating the future? Look to history. Few will many wont. The household names of today are not the household names of 20 years ago and the speed at which things are traveling will not even be the household names in 10 years.

Rather than focusing on creating something for a world that may not even exist, shouldn’t we live with passion now and let the next generations decide if that’s something that resonates with them?


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