Let it out
November 16, 2022

Let it out

It’s time to free what is inside of you, the thing that is affecting you the most. You may or may not know what it is right now, thats ok, the journey to finding it will be beautiful.
You have endlessly looked outward to solve your issue, you have all the tools, all the knowledge. If it was something so simple then it would have been solved right now.
You are moving it around your body, it’s a little f**ker, you spot it in one area and address it in one way then it moves, it hides for a while until you find it again and push it out of its new home.
It’s stuck inside you though as you have housed it so well for sometime now, it is enjoying the ride but you are not, it has to go.
For every external intervention you have found and used why not match them with an internal one and see what happens.
There is nothing to lose, there rarely is.


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