June 19, 2022


We have a headache, we are given a panadol.
We have an infection, we are given an antibiotic.
We suffer depression, we are given an antidepressant.
The list goes on…. there are tablets for almost every symptom, both good and bad. But what does the tablet do? Sometimes it treats the symptom if we are lucky, often it does little, but it never treats the cause.
Our headache could be the result of too much screen time. Instead of reducing the screen time we take the tablet. Insanity.
Our infection could be the result of a broken immune system due to poor sleep and nutrition. Instead of sleeping more and eating better we take the tablet. Insanity.
Our depression could be the result of toxic environments we exist in. Instead of changing the environment we take the tablet. Insanity.
What if no tablets existed but we could change our behaviour which would eradicate the cause of the problem and make it go away forever.
We can, but do we want to, do we want to take the harder route with the better long term benefits or are we going to continue to be happy to drop a pill for some short term gains that almost certainly come with more longer term downsides.
Our tablet for a lot of our ailments could just be a walk… may be that simple!


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Mahomed E. Randeree June 19, 2022 AT 04 amReply

Great topic

Noor June 19, 2022 AT 08 amReply

Great one