This day
September 18, 2022

This day

This day is a great day.
Probably one of the best days of my life.
Ha. “The best day of my life”…..I use that a lot, not because I am one of these people who has been brain washed to be grateful for every waking hour and all that jazz but because on the days I have said it I truly believe it was a great day and if I do not wake up tomorrow I will always smile because today I LIVED.
Hey back to today and it being a great day. I woke up, some may not, and in waking I immediately remembered what I had thought about the day before, the things that I was excited about. They are front and centre of my mind and they drive me.
Snoozing does not make a day great and I am far too excited for that.
Today I am going to do the things that I love with the people that I have and that is what will make it great. It’s so simple but done so infrequently. But doing things I do not like with people I can not stand has not and will never make a day great.
Some things will challenge me and if they don’t then I am sure some people will and that can only help me to grow as a human. Some things will be opened today that may not be closed, I am good with that. Not everything needs and answer for the day to be great. It’s often more beautiful if there are things to ponder……the day that keeps on giving.
At the end of this great day, like every other day I will sit, smile and think, be challenged and be free but most of all be able to look myself in the eye and say, this is a great day, thank you.


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